Commercial Department

f_300_250_16777215_00_images_history.jpgConsists of Export and Import departments
Import Department:
Import department has been involved in keeping and developing trade coalitions between Yaghoot Tajhiz Int. co. and its suppliers that takes action as their exclusive agent in Iran. Additionally by it continues presence in specialized International exhibitions, tries to develop its worldwide business with leading international companies. Furthermore, Import Dep. is responsible for the whole of companies and brands registration affairs in Iran's Ministry of Health & Ministry of Commerce and is carrying out custom's affairs as well as goods release.

Export Department:  
Yaghoot Tajhiz Int. co. through attending in international exhibitions, holding in Iran and gulf countries with aiming to follow on the macro politics of export, promotes and markets Iranian unique products manufactured by prominent and leading Iranian producers with best quality ingredients. In this regards, the group fulfils operational and registration issues and achieves the relevant permits from related ministries such as Health, Commerce and etc. In addition, by making contracts with well-known forwarder, exports the goods in accordance with international standards.

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