Distribution & Warehouse Department

f_300_250_16777215_00_images_history.jpgDistribution of our products within the territory of Iran is perfectly carried out by Sahand Daro Sabz Co., Fanoos Salamat Co., Fara Yaghoot Pakhsh Co. which are sister companies of Yaghoot Tajhiz Int. co. which its pervasive distribution chain exists in 30 provinces and two free trade zone. Distribution offices in provinces have established their own standard storage, which are appropriate with capacity, manpower and scope of their activities as well.
While distribution process is being carried out, according to a time table a technical supervisor is supervising the stores and distribution conditions according to a time table.
The stores have been continually monitored and have being visited by a supervisory group as well.
The stores are controlled by auditors of Iran's Ministry of Health on a regular basis.We take advantage of different kinds of trucks inside the country for transportation and distribution of cargos to hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies throughout Iran and provincial distribution outlets at all times.
The total areas of our warehouses In Tehran and other agency centers are about 25000 m2 consisting of several stores.

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